Welcome to Women of Value

You Are Valuable to God 24/7

Judi Reid

I want you to know you are valued, worthy of respect and dignity as Somebody’s Daughter. You can rise from your past, overcome your depression and live above your circumstances. You can begin to see your self-worth, understand your acceptance as God’s daughter and live a life you love.

I am Judi Reid and I am an author, coach and advocate for you to show you that in God’s strength, every life (especially yours) does make a difference. My heart is for you to rise to new heights and begin to see yourself with new eyes and believe you are a woman of value.

God created you. That means you were divinely designed. You are His Designer Original. Wonderful. Valuable. Precious and priceless.

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:13-14 – NIV)

Abide in Him. In His presence- that’s where you belong. In His presence you are strong and accepted. No one else compares to His love for you. Receive and reflect on how much He loves you.

My prayer for you…

Heavenly Father, I lift up each woman of value who comes to this site. May she discover and be confirmed in her value to You. We women all have challenges accepting our value when we rely on the opinions, words and actions of others. The culture tries to diminish our value. Even within our own families there are struggles to be accepted for who we are. Give us a peace and assurance to know that each of us is valuable to You. Teach us to let that truth be enough.

What people are saying…

“Judi Reid has been very instrumental in helping me become the woman of value I now am. Judi has an intuitive gift to renovate your past beliefs about yourself for you to become not only a stronger woman but a woman who can make a difference.

She will be a godly mother, grandmother and friend all together in one loving person. She will lead you away from strongholds that hinder who you were designed to be. She is solid (won’t lead you astray), soundproof (will be your protection from outside voices) and special (will be your best friend). To have her as a mentor will give you the peace to know you can do whatever God has called you to do.”Annette Reeder

“Judi has an extraordinary passion to teach women they are valuable. Everywhere she goes she carries this calling, ready to reach out and touch the lives of those whom God puts in her path. Some of us, like Judi, may have been wounded on our journey. Her genuineness speaks love into the hearts of women to bring them hope and empowerment.”Georgia Shaffer: Author, Speaker, & Life Coach

“Judi is a quiet and artful instigator who prodded me to do things I never thought I could do, or was too scared to even try. She encouraged me to get out of the little shoe box I had built for myself and elevate my trust to a higher level. Sincerity, transparency, integrity, and honor are such a part of who she is that each one should be her middle name. She has been a consistent source of encouragement, guidance, protection and love. There were times I was sure she knew me better than I know myself. My heart feels safe with her. Judi, what a wonderful gift you are!”Marti Berger: Author, “The Father Wears Son Glasses”