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Judi ReidJudi G. Reid advocates for the respect and dignity of all women, regardless of what friends, media and others convey.

Judi G. Reid is the founder of Women of Value. She is an Author, Advocate, and a Self Esteem Dream Life Coach for Women.

She understands what pain and rejection can do to a person. Six months prior to her mother’s death, her mother said to Judi, “I will hate you for the rest of my life and I’m sorry you were ever born!” Stunning words for anyone to hear and particularly from your own mother. For Judi, those words provided more insight into what she personally had endured and became the catalyst for Judi’s own healing journey.

Through her books, her coaching, and advocacy, her heartbeat is to help women move past the pain, rejection, and abuse and understand their true value, significance, and worth.

More About Judi

She makes her home in Virginia, celebrates 50 years of marriage and has two adult children.

She is a graduate of the College of Willian & Mary, pursued her graduate studies at the University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University. She has received her Certificate of Completion from the Center for Biblical Counseling of the American Association of Christian Counselors and is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach with Life Breakthrough Academy.

Judi also serves as an advocate against pornography and sexual addiction through several national and local ministries, e.g., the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, American Family Association, and

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